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Family Constellations 
on the Lake

A Cueen Connection event presented by Paige Erlich

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Join us for a transformative and enlightening experience where you'll have the opportunity to connect with the love, strength, and wisdom of your ancestors, enjoy pontoon boat excursions on a private lake and bond with fellow participants in a loving and nurturing environment.


By connecting with your ancestors, family constellations allow participants to gain insights into hidden dynamics and intergenerational patterns, and facilitate systemic healing of traumas up to seven generations back. 

The process involves participants among the group embodying or representing the family members or symbolic elements related to the subject. Whether you're a subject, representative or a witness in the process, everyone involved experiences the collective healing energy that's produced.

This is an event to be approached with an open heart and a willingness to embrace new possibilities. You'll gain a fresh perspective on your family dynamics, unravel hidden influences, and discover paths to resolve long-standing issues. You'll emerge invigorated with a deeper understanding of yourself and a sense of restored order.

About the Facilitator, Christian Lolies

Christian Lolies is an esteemed, certified facilitator in family constellations and systemic coaching who brings a compassionate approach to the process. With extensive training under leading experts in the field, Christian creates a safe and nurturing environment for participants to explore their family constellations and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. We're thrilled that Christian will fly from Seattle to facilitate this event for us. To learn more him visit


9:30 - 10:00    Arrive

10:00 - 12:00  Family Constellation Session

12:00 - 1:00     Pontoon boat excursion

1:00 - 1:45       Lunch (included)

2:00 - 5:00     Family Constellation Session

5:00 - 6:00     Pontoon boat excursion

6:30 - end      Optional group dinner in Brighton

You may choose to attend for half the day, but we can only adjust the price if there is someone else that wants to attend the other half.


Enjoy the picturesque locale of "Paige's she-shed on the lake," located in South Lyon on private Silver Lake. Constellation sessions will take place outside, weather permitting. Our pontoon boat excursions will give guests an opportunity to enjoy a shoreline cruise and cool off with a swim in the middle, if desired.


How to Register


$150 per person

To register, send an email to

For half-day requests we'll let you know if there's someone else who wants the other half so you can split the cost.

Confirmation will follow along with venmo payment instructions.

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